Oil, Gas and Liquids


Declining reserves of conventional oil, more LNG coming to the market and the expansion of shale gas production are all having an impact on costs, revenues and margins and demand greater operational efficiency to remain cost competitive with competing energy sources.

For upstream operations this means production optimisation and asset analysis to allow output to be tracked against capacity, gaps to be evaluated, effective asset optimisation strategies to be implemented. Equally it requires smarter investment in new plant, effective management of operational risk, improved commercial risk calculations and the ability to bring the economics of transfer pricing and hedging into the decision-making process.

Baringa works with oil majors, global commodities traders and niche asset investors to help them evaluate investments, optimise asset management, enhance their commercial decision-making, improve field-force management and manage their operational risk – with the goal of improving operational efficiency.

We design and deliver strategies for process transformation, commercial optimisation and production optimisation; and we add our midstream expertise in energy trading, storage, transport and logistics to create further synergies across the entire value chain.

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