Oil, Gas and Liquids


Every commodity class faces greater demands for transparency and control. Regulations have established new restrictions on energy trading practices – with implications for business processes and IT systems. Improved IT strategies for trading risk management and trading analytics are becoming essential both for energy regulation compliance and operational risk management.

At the same time, LNG, shale gas and greater use of renewable energy generation are changing the patterns of distribution. The value chain is getting longer, and the distance to travel from origin to market requires seamless gas storage, energy transport, logistics and freight. Midstream, operational efficiency requires effective asset analysis, pipeline management and refinery optimisation.

We bring together in-depth knowledge of energy trading regulations, cross-commodity capabilities and deeply practical understanding of midstream operations to mitigate these operational and trading risks.

Baringa’s proprietary trading capability benchmarking service, and relationships with specialist vendors, helps clients develop trading IT strategies and implement appropriate energy trading and risk management systems. Our process transformation programmes deliver trade life cycle optimisation, energy trading compliance, improved deal structuring, and operational efficiency from refinery to trading desk.

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