Energy Retail


The industry’s relationship with customers is changing. The increase in digitisation, increased penetration of Smart and issues like the treatment of vulnerable customers requires coordinated thinking across all areas of the supply business.
Better relationships with customers are an important way for utilities to differentiate themselves. And although changes such as Smart will introduce some changes, it leaves just as many questions unanswered. Real differentiation will be achieved by the propositions built around Smart rather than by the platform itself.
Suppliers that fully understand their cost base are able to target specific customers, manage the acquisition cost and the cost to serve and consequently maintain a good margin in an increasingly competitive market.
And even more pertinent, customer-focused businesses are listening to their customers and developing propositions that address day-to-day challenges outside of the provision of energy.
We help our clients align their business around customers, build greater trust, and devise digital strategies to provide their customers a great online experience.

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