Energy Retail

Business and Commercial

Changing market dynamics are creating both challenges and opportunities for suppliers and consumers in the B2B market.

Retail energy regulation is introducing more transparency into energy pricing, however at the same time the increasing level of regulatory intervention in the sector and increased levels of renewable support are adding complexity and upward pressure to the energy bill.
Focused regulation is putting smaller-businesses on a similar footing to residential customers in terms of access to price data. The business model for SMEs is changing.  Annual renewal processes are becoming increasingly competitive and more customers are choosing to switch, and thus traditional customer bases are being eroded.
Exposure to rising energy costs and changes in the drivers of costs are forcing larger energy users to consider multiple strategies to manage their energy risks.  Larger firms are engaging directly with upstream suppliers, and many are developing their own generation capacity through onsite generation or entering into power purchase agreements directly with generators.  Larger users are also using flexibility in their consumption to realise value by participating in demand side response products.

We help businesses address these commercial challenges and to take advantage of these shifts in the marketplace. Knowledge of the integrated energy value chain is key, and we deliver strategies to optimise margins, cut margin leakage and improve energy forecasting.  We design and deliver programmes that create operational excellence and efficiency to reduce costs.  We have supported regulators, suppliers and energy users to help them navigate the shifts in the business and commercial energy markets. 


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