Energy Retail

Delivering on the potential of the retail energy market

Energy suppliers across Europe are facing unprecedented levels of scrutiny from governments, regulators and the general public. Trust is high up our client’s agenda.
At the same time, suppliers want to deliver energy at affordable prices and differentiate themselves through value-added services.
New entrants pose a threat to the major players in the sector. They bring fresh thinking to the customer experience, and do not have some of the legacy that constrains established players.
Suppliers in GB are also grappling with the fallout of the CMA investigation, the green agenda and seismic market initiatives such as Smart technologies.
We help suppliers reduce their cost to serve, shape and deliver transformational change and develop new ways of working in a highly regulated world. We advise utilities, government bodies, regulators and third-party suppliers on the possibilities of a radically altering market and the implications of proposed changes on business models and end customers. 

Viewpoint: Brexit: Impact on the UK Energy Industry

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Smart@Baringa brochure

The energy industry is transforming. With national commitments to energy decarbonisation, and an increased focus on the security of supply and optimisation of energy costs, the energy value chain is undergoing a fundamental shift.

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Report shows energy and banking sectors failing vulnerable customers

A compelling new study, from leading consultancy Baringa Partners, has lifted the lid on the challenges faced by vulnerable customers in the UK. 

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