Energy Networks

Gas and electricity networks provide the essential infrastructure that bring these services to the customer.  As energy demands and patterns of supply change, networks are having to adapt rapidly creating some unique challenges but also opportunities for existing and new network owners and operators.
The regulatory frameworks which focus on customer service, outputs, total expenditure and reduced asset investment are also changing behaviours within these organisations.
Across Europe, networks are being expanded to connect new sources of supply, including long-distance gas pipelines and offshore electricity transmission grids.
At a local level, distribution networks are facing a changing landscape fuelled by greater demand for distributed energy production, electricity storage and new sources of demand.   Distribution network operators are becoming increasingly active as system operators, balancing local supply and demand conditions.
We help our networks clients to deliver change across the landscape including:

  • Adapting their business, operational and asset strategies
  • Undertaking operating model changes
  • Delivering and enabling business and IT transformation
  • Supporting regulatory engagement, including market models, incentive design and reporting
  • Scoping, submitting and delivering innovation projects
  • Improving field operations performance
  • Network management system replacement and enhancement.

Our multi-disciplinary team includes experts in energy networks business, systems operations, large transformational change, information technology and systems, field force excellence, business change management, commercial design, regulation, long-term scenario development and power systems analysis.

Brexit: Impact on interconnectors infographic

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Revolutionary interconnector developments

Energy UK joined forces with ITN Productions to promote greater understanding of the energy industry through a news programme - A Future of Choice.
This film focuses on energy security, the generation mix, and technological challenges facing the energy industry in the UK as it strives for sustained environmental improvement.

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Smart@Baringa brochure

The energy industry is transforming. With national commitments to energy decarbonisation, and an increased focus on the security of supply and optimisation of energy costs, the energy value chain is undergoing a fundamental shift.

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