Commodities Trading

Metals and Mining

This sector faces continuing challenges to manage price volatility, market risk and increased counterparty demands.
Market players are innovating, enhancing risk management and meeting new regulatory requirements - e.g. the EU’s MiFID II and Market Abuse Regulation.

Increasing transparency in markets provides customers with opportunities to liaise directly with producers and suppliers.  To survive and grow, traditional metal trading companies are looking to differentiate by moving up the value chain (to secure trade flows) or down the supply chain (with value added services).  All of this requires financial instruments to minimise price volatility.

Together with consolidation within the industry, the fast-changing environment challenges our clients to achieve strong underlying processes and systems.

Our commodity trading consultants have deep knowledge and experience of delivering optimal business processes for the end-to-end metals value chain, underpinned by our best practice capability models.

We understand the Commodity Trading Risk Management (CTRM) system market, which helps us provide our clients with confidence in delivery and return on investment.


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