Commodities Trading


Unpredictability and volatility is a way of life in energy trading.

Global patterns of supply and demand shift in line with long-term demographics, and short-term geo-politics.  New extraction methods are changing the cost base of oil and gas.

Margins are under pressure and new, complex regulations such as the revised Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II / MiFIR) and Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) are changing how the sector is regulated and introduce extensive obligations and penalties for firms and individuals that don’t comply.
Our clients need more knowledge of global and local markets for a multitude of asset classes; biomass; coal; power; and gas and oil trading are all closely correlated.

Visibility across a comprehensive range of physical assets and related financial instruments is becoming critical to minimise energy trading risk.

We have unparalleled experience in helping energy trading firms develop and deliver the processes and systems needed to operate in today’s complex markets. We understand the landscape of energy trading and risk management systems (ETRM), and have an unrivalled track record in system selection and implementation.

We help mature market players and new entrants identify and develop optimal operating models to meet the demands of regulators, customers, counterparties and partners.


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