Commodities Trading

Global demand, international supply chains, and 24 / 7 operations have created commodities trading powerhouses. Companies in this sector have expanded quickly, mostly through acquisitions.

This has left a legacy of inefficient processes and cumbersome workflows. In some cases, our clients now want to cut costs, or want separate divisions to move to firm-wide systems.

Growth is also being achieved through launching new services and offerings, such as risk management and route to market services.

Many of our clients are investing to make their trading operations more customer centric.  Multiple business units covering multiple geographies have only limited visibility of their client relationships.  Regulatory changes, such as the EU’s MiFID II and Market Abuse Regulation have increased demands for transparency at every stage.

Our work covers the mix of people, processes and technology to address these challenges.

We work with commodities traders, suppliers, fabricators, consumers and producers.  Our commodities experts understand both the end-to-end commodity value chain - from fuel logistics, shipping and storage to price formation, physical trading - and risk management.

We develop business and IT strategies to create more efficient, scalable and responsive organisations, and help clients move towards a target operating model.

We lead programme delivery and system implementation, transforming processes, organisational structures and IT systems.

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