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"We’re now in the energy transition 2.0 where we need to move beyond one single big solution to lots of different initiatives and technologies that are going to help us achieve decarbonisation by 2050. And governments, consumers, and industry, need to work together to achieve that net zero low carbon word that we all want."

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Energy and Resources

Job in another life
Air Traffic Controller, I’ve always loved travelling and as a teenager being an air traffic controller appealed to my sense of multi-tasking, reacting to changes quickly and responsibly.

In detail:

For the past 25 years, Ilesh has helped energy companies, investors and governments, around the world, make better decisions about how the society can meet its current and future energy needs.

Today, global energy markets are experiencing unprecedented change and Ilesh helps Baringa’s clients make the transition to net zero, specifically by helping them to identify, analyse and deliver on the choices answering questions like: How is the energy transition to net zero likely to play out over different time horizons? What is the right low carbon future for us? What strategies, investment decisions and business plans do we need to adopt to realise it?

Ilesh was an advisor to investors in the world’s largest offshore wind farm. Supporting Tesco on its renewable energy purchasing and delivering its Net Zero strategy. Helping develop a strategy growth strategy and plan for the CEO and management committee of PNE, a global renewable energy company. Ilesh has advised regulators and governments on the design of new power and gas markets around the world.  He is currently working with governments and industry on responses to the present energy security and energy cost crisis.

Looking to the future, he’s also building Baringa’s energy think tank, focusing on the questions and challenges around net zero and the energy transition that all leaders, across business, government and beyond, need to answer. For Ilesh, creating lasting impact is about bringing together Baringa’s expertise to help the energy transition to net zero a reality for our clients, industry and people.

Ilesh lives in London and his passion for energy shows clearly in the energy-related art decorating his home, much to the bemusement of his wife and their two boys. The pictures and paintings have a personal connection, depicting energy projects he’s worked on throughout his career. He even has a WhatsApp group dedicated to photos of power stations. What else would you expect from Baringa’s resident energy geek?

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