Covid-19: Helping organisations adapt to and manage remote working

Businesses never stand still - they always change, adapt and improve the way they operate. What’s different in the Covid-19 crisis is the speed and the impact of change. Nothing is as it was before March 2020: what was the most efficient operating model now needs a complete overhaul; processes that worked smoothly and delivered just-in-time have become a stop-and-go obstacle course; well-oiled team dynamics are difficult to maintain in a virtual and remote environment. Do you recognise these challenges? 

With no end of remote working in sight, organisations need to rethink their ‘new normal’, recalibrate their organisations, operations, culture, processes, people, and systems. This selection of articles is food for thought how to address some of the challenges over the next weeks as we move from crisis-mode to the next horizon, and prepare for the months to come. 

Contact Rob Maquire and Robert Ward if you need support with any of these challenges. All Baringa consultants are working remotely, and we look forward to hear with you.