29 January 2019 3 min read

Supporting Brexit readiness - How does Brexit affect your cup of tea?

Matt Papachristou

Matt Papachristou
Partner | Energy, utilities and resources | London

We are supporting a number of industries to get ready for Brexit and have worked with the British water industry to navigate potential Brexit-scenarios.


Matt Papachristou, Partner, Baringa
"You may think industries such as the UK water sector are insulated from the impact Brexit will have, but many input factors to key operational processes – such as chemicals used in water and wastewater treatment – are imported from the EU.”

Client requirement
Brexit has been a complicated, multi-faceted topic that has taken over our socio-political landscape for the last two and a half years. Dialogue has largely focussed on trade agreements and ongoing relations with the EU.  Recently, the narrative has shifted to more specific areas and sectors such as the water industry.  Consumers may think that the water industry would not be impacted by Brexit, but chemicals are required to make water safe for human consumption, and wastewater fit for discharge into our watercourses with minimal environmental impact. Many of the chemicals and other input factors into operational process are not produced in the U.K., and we are reliant on imports from EU countries.  

Baringa’s role
We have been working with the industry body, Water UK, and the wider water industry to understand if there are any risks to the UK as a result of Brexit. The water industry has mobilised a collaborative working group to plan and safeguard against all Brexit outcomes, and Baringa was invited to support.

Our experience of working with the UK water industry over the last two decades positions us well to bring the players together and work collaboratively on this challenging project. We also leveraged our data analytics and insight capability teams that have supported many sectors with strategic challenges, combining data with industry expertise and modelling capabilities to provide a range of options and insights that allows decision making on a macro-level.

Outcomes and impact
The team quickly submerged themselves in the data and created a dashboard that shows hotspots around critical chemicals, dependencies on country and supplier level, and potential limitations by transportation route. The analysis provides insights into the risks of accessing chemicals in different Brexit scenarios, and allows the industry to tailor their response. 


Kim Church, Project Manager, Thames Water
“Baringa, as always, were really helpful in terms of supporting us in putting together a high level overview of key data from various Water and Wastewater companies. They quickly put a team together, talked through what our requirements were giving useful insight into different options that would work to meet our needs, and ensured that the final output would be in a format that worked for us and could give us the view of the data we really needed to help with our ongoing preparations for Brexit. Thanks again Baringa for a job well done!”


Our work supporting Brexit readiness is not limited to the water industry and we are working with a number of sectors to navigate potential Brexit scenarios. Please contact us if you would like to know more.