Every year, Baringa’s Technology, Media and Telecoms team get together for a fun and personal rundown of our favourite highlights and major stories in Media during the preceding twelve months.  

Across broadcasting, publishing, advertising and digital, the pace of change in the global Media industry has been as exciting as it has been unrelenting. What we’ve been hearing from clients, and asking ourselves, is where are we reaching points of discontinuity and systemic change? Are long-held assumptions starting to fracture, in the face of a wave of new technology-enabled disruption?   

Looking back on 2023 we have been struck by two major themes: 

  1. How quickly and resoundingly Artificial Intelligence technologies have leapt from the wings onto centre stage in the consciousness of the public, organisations and policy makers alike; and 
  2. How we are seeing many companies and sectors that boomed during the pandemic start to experience a resulting slowdown and delayed hangover – either from the return to pre-pandemic behaviours or from the belief that the good times were a ‘new normal’

To find out what has kept us at the edges of our seats this past year, our 2023 highlights follow. We don’t claim to be right or to have a crystal ball, but we’re always ready to engage in discussion and get at the underlying truths and facts. 

And please do let us know what you’ve taken away from the past 12 months – and what you think it means for the future of our beloved TMT industries. 

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