What’s it all about?

We’ve been a popular feature at the Retail Technology Show for the past six years (with some gaps, for obvious reasons).

Each year we’ve gone out into the global market, looking for start-ups with solutions for retailers to apply to join us on our stand at the Show and be part of our Safari. We then choose the best 8-10 start-ups which we feel have an exciting proposition for our clients working in the retail space.    

During the time that we’ve been involved in the Retail Technology Show we’ve taken more than 40 start-ups with us to the Baringa Safari, to showcase their offerings to our clients and other delegates who visit our stand.

This year, the Show is taking place at Olympia London on Wednesday 26 and Thursday 27 April and we’ll be taking eight amazing start-ups with us – businesses which are run by energetic and passionate entrepreneurs who’ve developed creative and relevant solutions for retailers. Find out more about each start-up below. 

To join an hour-long Safari tour at the Show and get up close and personal with all eight of our fabulous start-ups, please email startupsafari@baringa.com. If you’d like to bring your team to have a bespoke tour, we can accommodate that too (maximum 10 people). Please note that you’ll need to register for a Show pass (which is free) in order to gain access to the venue.

Meet our eight start-ups

If you have any queries about the Start-Up Safari or would like to know more about how our Retail experts can help your business grow and succeed, please get in touch with Sue Butler or Lucy Larkin.

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