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Our global alumni network

Baringa is a lifelong community 

Our global alumni network provides a community for our alumni to connect and collaborate with each other and with Baringa, wherever they are in the world and whatever they’ve gone on to do.  

There’s a wealth of talent, knowledge, and expertise across this vibrant community. Our alumni come from diverse backgrounds with vast experiences across their careers and personal journeys, and we want to help them stay connected and share opportunities, long after their time at Baringa.  

Through the Baringa alumni network, our aim is to create a community of likeminded people, with shared values and a common purpose. A community to collaborate, co-create and share valuable experiences and ideas, which could have a positive and long-lasting impact on today’s world. A community built on the foundation of our purpose: Putting people first. Creating impact that lasts.  


Benefits of joining Baringa’s alumni network 

Being part of our global alumni network means having access to Baringa’s lifelong community, as well as career opportunities, knowledge, tailored events and exclusive benefits. There’s lots of exciting perks for our alumni to tap into, including:  

  • Newsletters - Latest news, insights, events, tailored content and thought leadership  
  • LinkedIn community – Baringa Alumni LinkedIn group to help our alumni stay connected and up to date with what's happening across the network 
  • Career opportunities – Access to new opportunities and roles available across Baringa and the network  
  • Events - Networking with former colleagues, friends, and peers - opportunities to reconnect and exchange ideas across the alumni network and beyond 
  • Alumni FAQs - Answers to all the frequently asked questions by our alumni 

Join our alumni network

For more information and to join the Baringa alumni network, please contact HRPeopleOperations@baringa.com.

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