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03 Juli 2018

London charges ahead on electric cars

New research from Baringa Partners reveals that Londoners are the most positive in the UK about going electric. Its new report, Is the UK ready for electric cars?shows that more than two in five (41%) Londoners say they are likely to consider buying an electric car the next time they buy a car, compared to the national average of less than one in three (30%). 

Baringa believes that factors such air quality concerns and the introduction of new emissions surcharges have helped convince Londoners of the benefits of going electric. The existing congestion charge seems to be having an impact already, with 24% of Londoners citing avoiding paying this as a reason they would be willing to pay more for an electric vehicle, compared to a UK average of 15%. Meanwhile, 72% of Londoners cite the benefits to the environment of electric cars as a reason to pay more, compared to a national average of 68%. 
However, despite this higher appetite for 100% electric cars, Londoners do have some reservations. A lack of off-street parking in the capital may be leading residents to be more worried about how often they will have to charge, with 48% of Londoners citing this as a barrier to purchase, compared to a UK average of 38%.
Oliver Rix, Partner in Energy and Resources at Baringa Partners, comments:
“Our research suggests that London could lead the way for the burgeoning electric car market. Measures such as the congestion charge and the upcoming Ultra-Low Emissions Zone are likely to have helped drivers living in the capital see the benefits of choosing electric options.”
“Other local authorities should look to London for ideas on how to increase electric vehicle uptake. The various initiatives in place in the capital are clearly having a positive impact and changing attitudes. However, given that far fewer drivers in cities have off-street parking, it is unclear how future charging needs will be met. Authorities need to consider the merits of measures such as greater availability of on-street bays, the spread of rapid charging forecourts, widespread ‘destination’ charging in car parks, or following the Mayor of London’s recent pledge of free parking for electric cars. Creating clarity around this will be important in ensuring that the demand for electric vehicles in cities is not constrained.”