19 Februar 2019 3 min read

BBC Studios | Children’s Portfolio Strategy



The Children’s portfolio was identified as an area of potential growth for BBC Studios with a unique positioning in the marketplace and a close alignment to its public service counterpart. However, the genre faces significant market challenges from global players, intense competition and radical changes in media usage behaviour among its target audience.

Client Requirement
A full review was required of the long-term value of its franchise brands, its future content pipeline over 10 years, the regional strategy to drive growth. The challenge was to determine how we could achieve significant growth.

Baringa’s role
Baringa worked closely with a talented client team, to support the definition of the global strategy for the children’s portfolio. This helped the client deliver the following:

Identified a series of growth drivers across:

  • Audience-driven content optimisation -  including content portfolio expansion, optimising existing IP through detailed strategic initiatives and seeking franchise growth through long-term IP investments.
  • Digital platform expansion – Collaborated with teams on the definition of a new approach to digital platforms to create reach, engagement and long-term revenue, including with new SVOD platforms.
  • Key market partnerships – Collaborated with regions to identify potential partnerships and opportunities and worked with client finance team to project revenues and CAGR views for key territories.

Supported the mapping of content against audience segments, using a new 10 year content portfolio pipeline.

Identified areas of mutual alignment with its parent organisation to promote cross-divisional collaboration.

Worked with finance teams to create a robust singular 5 year financial model, with key assumptions for a base scenario and stretch scenario.

Defined a new operating model and resource requirements to promote franchise growth and enable centralised portfolio management.

Worked with a Steering Group with board level seniority and to achieve a higher level of prioritisation for this portfolio across the business.

Outcomes and impact
Benefits delivered include:

  • An exec summary and detailed strategic document, approved by the project sponsors, that outlines how to achieve significant growth.
  • A new franchise lifecycle model to determine revenue projections by line of business for different scenarios can now inform IP investment planning.
  • A series of initiatives defined for its most valuable franchise brands with CAGR and line of business financial projections.