A great place to work

At Baringa, our aim is to recruit the best. We want people who are highly motivated and well-rounded. People who have an entrepreneurial spirit and who want to help to make a difference to the business. People who are committed and passionate about providing a first-class client service.

People like you. Because it's people like you who make Baringa a great place to work.

To find out what some of our people think of life at Baringa, please click on the image below to watch our film:

Constantly evolving

We get excited about change. Other than our values (which always stay true), we do nothing today the way we did it 10 years ago, and we will do nothing 10 years from now the way we do it today. Our aim as a business is to change and evolve to meet our clients’ needs – and we want you to do that too. Take a look at our Operating Model to see how the company is structured.

Developing our talent

Determined to ensure our employees are at the top of their game and constantly learning, Baringa allocates every member of staff an annual budget to spend on a range of courses. Besides ensuring clients receive the most up-to-date and capable people in the industry, it is our way of supporting our staff to fulfil their personal career ambitions.

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