Supply Chain

Supplier Management

Both in mature organisations with established supply chains, and in new ventures where companies are growing at rapid rates to meet customer demands, supplier management has never been more important. With complex market dynamics, volatile geo-political environments and disruption around every corner, organisations need to have clarity regarding the opportunities and challenges that might arise through working with their key suppliers.  

In addition to this complexity, there has never been more information available to track the performance of suppliers.  Digital platforms, interconnected sensors, big data collation and a host of other breakthroughs have accelerated the art of the possible. Harnessing this information is critical when trying to identify challenges and opportunities through supplier management.

Many leading companies are also beginning to reconfigure the traditional buyer supplier relationship, and are moving towards an ‘ecosystem’ relationship with their supply base where mutual objectives can be met through collaboration. 

Baringa's cross-industry team has a wealth of experience to help support our client to navigate the new digital frontier and practically harness the relevant opportunities in the following areas: 
  • Contract Lifecycle Management – Developing new operating models to provide assurance on contract value delivery
  • Supplier Relationship Management – Implementing new ways of working with key suppliers to drive long term relationships with mutual benefit
  • Supplier Collaboration / Development – Working with new suppliers in rapidly changing markets to develop capabilities 
  • Supply Risk Management – Identifying and managing risk in the supplier portfolio.
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