Supply Chain

Procurement Operations / Purchase to Pay

Procurement has evolved in the last decade, following the introduction of ERP systems integrating all facets of business operations and planning.  Most companies have adopted a singular system backbone across their organisation with the intent of driving integration and improve data quality. The success in integrating and embedding such systems has not always been perfect and many organisations continue to suffer from ineffective or incomplete roll-outs.  

In addition to legacy technical and behavioural challenges, many organisations are now also finding opportunities to bolster capabilities through interfaces and cloud based platforms that can improve adoption or offer new capabilities that their existing ERP lacks in isolation.  Coupled with their legacy issues, some organisations have struggled to understand how they take their Procure to Pay operations forward; ensuring the backbone system is optimised effectively and new, suitable interfaces are adopted to enhance the P2P experience. 

There has been a huge amount of change in recent years, and we help companies to navigate this rapidly changing marketplace to make effective decisions on digital procurement technologies.

In order help address the challenges above, Baringa have built deep, cross industry expertise in:
  • Digital Procurement Strategy – Defining the optimal digital landscape for the procurement function 
  • Procurement Governance and Controls – Designing processes to ensure inherent compliance to agreements and policies
  • Procurement Process Optimisation – Review and optimisation of end-to-end system processes using ‘lean’ methods
  • Buying Channel Strategies – Designing simple and effective buying channels which improve internal user experience.
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