Supply Chain

Planning & Scheduling

Irrespective of the specific industry, planning and scheduling is the heartbeat of any supply chain. Whether it's a strategic capital delivery programme spanning over several years or breakneck production rates of an FMCG organisation, many supply chains are driven by the ambition to operate seamlessly end to end.  Driving such predictability has become more challenging in recent years with economic fragility, geopolitical challenges and technological innovation all disrupting the consistency desired within a Planning and Scheduling operation.  

Growing customer expectation has also placed increased the complexity of planning and scheduling, with new channels of delivery needing to be serviced and last mile services forever being pushed to the limit.  Predictability must now be enabled through agility, with supply chains needing to absorb external volatility and converting into internal stability. 

At Baringa we offer the following range of services to help address the challenges in Planning & Scheduling: 
  • Integrated Demand & Supply Planning – applying integrated planning processes to heavy MRO supply chains.
  • S&OP – helping companies setup or adapt their S&OP models based on the latest people, systems and process innovations
  • Inventory Optimisation – delivering rapid reduction in working capital through deep inventory optimisation analysis
  • Ranging & Merchandising – helping retail clients adapt to new price, service and channel strategies.
  • Capital Project Planning – configuring the supply chain to support long term large scale capital project programs.
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