Supply Chain

Manufacturing & Assembly

The world of Manufacturing & Assembly has developed over the last decade to effectively harness the power of a global supply chain and the best elements of emerging and mature economies. Technology and cheaper logistics have allowed organisations to dismantle their physical supply chain, whilst ensuring it remains connected virtually. Whilst many leading multinational organisations have mastered the Manufacturing and Assembly of items with large economies of scale, the emergence of global e-commerce platforms has opened up multinationals to challenge from smaller, localised offerings.  This challenge has led to new customer demands for personalised offerings - forcing larger organisations to re-assess how they set up their supply chains. 

In addition to this, the geo-political impacts of new trading agreements between countries has also resulted in organisations testing whether their global supply chains truly are robust and impervious to potential shifts in attitudes to borderless trade.  

At Baringa, our multi-faceted risk modelling approach, coupled with our strong technological expertise offer clients the ability to assess the impact of the changing world on their manufacturing and assembly infrastructure, whilst also driving solutions through the new technological offerings available in the market.  Specifically Baringa offers the following support to clients in the following areas: 
  • E-commerce Supply Chain Management 
  • Renewable Supply Chain Design & Analytics 
  • Supply Chain Network Design 
  • Reshoring strategy.
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