Supply Chain

Logistics / Distribution

In today's world, Logistics and Distribution operations across a number of industries, from fast moving consumer goods and energy to telecoms and media are seeing unprecedented levels of investment and development. It is no coincidence that the trajectory of this increased focus in Logistics aligns with the advent of e-commerce as well as the recognition that lean supply chains and optimised distribution are increasingly a key driver of corporate profitability. As web-based retailers have continued to push the envelope on both last mile deliveries as well as increasingly introducing disruptive technologies to optimise distribution, other sectors and market participants need to keep pace. Increased adoption of omni-channel supply chains across many industries has resulted in organisations having to find new and innovative methods to fulfil and distribute products, in both the B2B and B2C realms. This has also impacted the footprint required for product warehousing and the level of technological adoption within distribution network assets. 

Once products leave the warehouse, technology continues to influence the market, with disruption from both new software solutions designed to optimise distribution as well as changes in physical logistics assets.  Automated vehicles, robotics in logistics and truck platooning are all expected to provide opportunities in the future for organisations to optimise asset utilisation, streamline their labour force and provide a 24 / 7 distribution solution to meet customer demand. 

At Baringa, our blend of technical and technological knowledge allows us to support clients with a range of key industry issues. Some of our capabilities include:  
  • Logistics supplier health check analysis
  • Smart meter supply chain management 
  • Field force optimisation 
  • 3PL / 4PL outsourcing strategy 
  • Warehousing of the future design 
  • Trading & shipping profit maximisation 
  • Control Tower design and implementation
  • Supply chain network modelling
  • Logistics software selection and implementation
  • Enterprise Resource Planning logistics integration.
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