Supply Chain

Customer / Post Sale Services

Consumer sovereignty has never been more dominant.  The introduction of diverse product offerings, e-commerce platforms, comparison websites and product reviews have allowed customers to make more astute decisions on products and in the breath, demand more from suppliers.

In addition to customer sovereignty, the ‘as-a-service’ model has also become something customers have come to expect as an offering from organisations. Whether that means repairs and servicing guarantees, utilisation support activities or complementary services offerings – customers are expecting to continue their relationship with companies beyond the initial transaction. Such post-sale services require a clear model, both for customer interaction and product / service support.  These offerings are also reliant on post sale data collection and analytics. Data on product / service utilisation can now be collected on a scale that has never been seen before.  Such data can help optimise post-sale services as well as identifying additional sell-on opportunities and product refinements. 

With that in mind, establishing networks that both leverage the economies of scale from the original supply chain, whilst efficiently offering a distinct service to customers for their returns and post-sale services is proving to be a key requirement for most organisations. 

Baringa’s Supply Chain team offers a wide array of consulting services relating to customer and post-sale services including: 
  • Returns Optimisation & Processing 
  • Stores & Network Inventory Management Solutions 
  • Data Analytics and AI Solutions in post-sales services 
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