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Policy and Regulatory

European energy markets are experiencing a period of unprecedented change as they face up to the parallel challenges of decarbonisation, security of supply and affordability at a time when so much new investment is needed in energy infrastructure. Volatility of global fuel prices is an additional and constant backdrop.

At both European and national government levels, decision makers are pursuing policies to promote investment, encourage greater interconnectivity between markets and protect the interests of consumers. At the same time, advances in technology have the potential to transform the way in which energy is produced and consumed, and policy makers are seeking to create an environment where new technologies are supported, and innovation can thrive.

We work with government and regulators to shape and implement market structures and design incentives, and help investors, lenders, generators, suppliers and network operators to respond to the changing policy and regulatory environment.

Our clients include:

  • Governments. We advise on market reform and help to define and evaluate policy proposals
  • Regulators. We advise on incentive schemes and needs cases, and support code modifications and market investigations
  • Transmission system operators. We advise on responding to incentive schemes, and the implementation of European network codes and national market reform
  • Network companies. Our consultants advise on price control submissions, benchmarking and performance improvement, as well as innovation projects such as the trialling of smart grids and innovative commercial arrangements for connecting distributed energy resources
  • Energy companies. Working at both national and European level, we assess the impact of policy and regulatory change on our clients, provide strategic advice and supporting the implementation of change in response to the changing market environment, and
  • Asset developers. We advise on regulatory issues for new investments, conducting regulatory due diligence and supporting the preparation of needs case and exemption applications.
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