Strategy and Analytics

Commercial Strategy

Adapting to changing market conditions is often necessary to drive efficiency into the business and secure margins. But uncertainties remain:

  • how is value best extracted from the portfolio of assets? 
  • how should business models respond to changing competitive dynamics?
  • how should operating models be adapted to enhance commercial optimisation and improve performance
  • how will operations be affected by macro-economic conditions and proposed market changes?
  • as earnings profiles change over time, how can the business be future proofed?

Our consultants help clients identify opportunities to enhance margin, optimise assets and reduce costs, and then to implement operational improvements that will have the greatest impact. Bringing insight of leading practices from across the global energy sector, our evidence-driven approach quantifies the areas where businesses gain and lose value. We regularly undertake  benchmarking and strategic reviews of clients’ assets, operating models, capabilities, processes and systems. These capabilities are used to identify where improvements can be made, and synergies explored.

We develop and test alternative business models, identify potential partners, and evaluate various asset optimisation and performance strategies – before helping clients to design and implement the business model that is most appropriate to them. Our focus is on delivering sustainable and enduring improvements to performance that will enhance returns over the long term.


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