Programme Delivery

Programme Mobilisation and Delivery

Regulatory issues. The drive for operational effectiveness. A push for cultural change. A major integration or divestment. These are the typical drivers for change – and all are catalysts for major transformational programmes to be undertaken.

Taking new programmes and embedding them into an organisation requires the implementation of new processes. However, getting people on board is paramount – ultimately they have to be ready to embrace the change to allow it to happen.

Stakeholder engagement is vital. Building momentum and ensuring that a programme will be fully supported at all stages by the business’ leaders and their project managers should be a top priority.

At Baringa, we have been successful in delivering many large-scale transformational programmes. We work collaboratively with teams to ensure that programme objectives are understood, accepted – and delivered. Our industry-informed pragmatism, combined with our agility, has meant that we are able to deliver complex programmes quickly. For example, we were asked by a US retail bank to integrate a pan-organisation programme across several functions, ensuring that it was implemented in tandem and to deadline – all in a six to eight week window.


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