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Programme Assurance and Healthcheck

When it comes to multi-vendor, multi-year and multi-million pound transformation programmes, companies need to be sure that they are on track for success. In a world of increasing accountability and tighter scrutiny, project managers and team leaders need to know that their flagship programme will be delivered on time, on budget - and with the promised benefits. But how can they ensure that the programme is really under control?

Robust programme assurance processes will give them the confidence they need to communicate with key stakeholders and ensure successful delivery of major projects.

At Baringa, we have a wealth of experience which enables us to sit alongside major transformation teams and their internal audit colleagues and independently ask the right questions. For example:

  • are the right tools and methods being utilised to ensure successful delivery?
  • are the controls robust enough to mitigate any major risk?
  • are all the stakeholders sufficiently supported and informed to ensure that they can undertake their roles?

We also help organisations when programmes are not going to plan. From experience, we know where to look, how to diagnose the challenges – and how to reverse to the root cause of the problems.

For example, we were asked to turn around a failing change programme which was attempting to improve ways of working across 5,000 customer service agents. We led a cultural state assessment, ran four proof of concepts to roll out to 300+ employees, and created a bespoke change methodology. This programme successfully reduced retail complaints by up to 60 per cent and reduced short term absenteeism by 50 per cent.

Quality Assurance Brochure

Please read our Quality Assurance brochure to understand more about our proactive approach:



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