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Business Readiness and Change

Change in organisations is no longer an occasional occurrence, but rather a continuous and constant state – and it must be carefully managed.

Impose a change too early, and its ability to last will be obstructed. Experience shows that it should not be enforced on to an organisation or to the end users before they are ready. Premature implementation of any change programme may damage its credibility – and reduces the chances of success.

The simple fact is that the business must be ready to accept and embrace new ways of working. So, how can this be done? The answer is to plan and to plan again.

At  Baringa, our Organisation and People consultants have extensive experience of establishing change functions and in implementing change management capabilities within large transformation programmes. They have developed a unique set of tools and processes which deal with all aspects of business readiness and change and have helped clients in both the energy and financial services sectors. They concentrate on four key areas:

  • leadership and business engagement
  • a rigorous approach to understanding change impacts and planning business readiness
  • a focus on how stakeholders will adopt the change and how ways of working will be embedded, and
  • building an enduring change capability and continuous improvement culture.
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