Programme Delivery

Driving large-scale transformation

Trust. It’s what you need most when you are delivering a new programme. Whether it is a transformation programme, change programme or turnaround project, stakeholder confidence is what counts.

At Baringa, we understand that implementing the process is only one part of delivering a successful programme. It’s the people that are at the heart of any delivery success.

Understanding the myriad of stakeholder demands is therefore of paramount importance – the key is to bring them all on board. And so too is having a clear view of the bigger business perspective.

We don’t use out-of-the-box methodologies because we understand that every business – and every programme - is unique. Instead, we work collaboratively to give our clients what they need: a tailored approach matched to the unique circumstances in which they find themselves.

We have driven many large-scale transformation projects for businesses across the energy and financial services sectors. For example, we drove the delivery of a programme of a large energy retailer to develop and support the B2C business with operational excellence and change capability. This required creation of an in-house specialist consulting capability and change base competence through working with operational managers. It also included delivery of a Service Improvement Programme with operational teams including on the job coaching for existing consultants, capability development, and classroom training.


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