Process and Operational Efficiency

People and Organisation Performance

Achieving improvements in operational efficiency and workforce management does not only result in cost savings. It also promotes growth, gives the customer an enhanced experience, and gives organisations a competitive advantage.

To achieve this, organisations need to take a critical look at the way they do things. A key to this is to ensure that the workforce is able to meet its full potential. There needs to be full understanding of:

  • the core activities that both staff and management perform
  • how effort and delivery is aligned, and
  • where the potential blockers to productivity lie.

To become a fully optimised workforce, managers must be equipped with the skills and support through training and coaching to embed sustained workforce improvements.

At Baringa, we use tools such as supply and demand modelling, productivity analysis and work activity analysis to identify the changes that need to be made. We also equip managers with the skills they require to ensure that new working patterns are embedded into the organisation. For example, we worked with a major UK utility company to develop a performance framework to enable mechanisms to benchmark, measure, monitor and review performance, running a series of ‘support and coach’ sessions to help create a platform of sustainable practice.


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