Process and Operational Efficiency

Operational Resilience

An organisation which has operationally resilient frameworks and processes in place will be able to protect its services and products, its brand and reputation – and will increase its ability to respond positively to unexpected or unfavourable events which have the capacity to destroy shareholder value or attract the scrutiny of regulators.

In sectors such as Energy or Financial Services which rely on technology, the time it takes for a return to ‘business as usual’ after an adverse event is typically measured in minutes, hours and occasionally days. Any longer, and the business will be under serious threat. It is therefore critical that robust continuity processes are in place to ensure rapid recovery. Businesses should ask themselves:

  • do we have adequate oversight of our infrastructure?
  • do we have proven failover capabilities?
  • do we have tried and tested disaster recovery procedures?

At Baringa, we have a team of experts whose job it is to define, design and deliver bespoke frameworks to ensure that a business is in a strong position to protect itself from the risks associated with unexpected disruption. We work collaboratively with our clients to mitigate risks, building end to end solutions which encompass IT, workforce, supply chain and customer not just for now but also for the future.


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