Information Technology

Data Analytics and AI

There has never been more data.  Technology has never been so capable.  The possibilities created by Artificial Intelligence (AI) are seemingly limitless.  Yet for most organisations, harnessing data to create actionable insight remains a major challenge.
Myriad legacy systems, an historical lack of governance, a dispersed approach to technology acquisition and the absence of a formal operating model for analytical capabilities have often served to limit the ability of organisations to effectively control and analyse their data at scale.   This means that insights remain locked away inside databases, compliance with data regulation is an ever-more difficult challenge and exploiting AI remains firmly on a distant horizon.
At Baringa, we help clients overcome these challenges and realise the promise of their data.  
We bring together capabilities in data engineering, data architecture, data management, reporting and visualisation, data science and AI into one team.  Combined with our deep industry knowledge, we are thus able to help clients comply with regulation, tackle their most pressing questions and, critically, support them to embed the capability to generate insight on an ongoing basis.  

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