Customer Experience

Sales Effectiveness and Compliance

Due to regulatory intervention and a greater willingness for customers to expect and demand more, organisations are being forced to find ways to take a customer-centric approach to sales through an increasing breadth of sales channels.

Not surprisingly, they are looking for ways to:

  • launch new products and services to maximise uptake and ensure repeat business
  • sell in a way that creates the right outcomes for customers, and
  • support staff to understand their customers and how their products can help them as well as how to position the conversation.

In short, they are seeking to help customers to access the right products and services in an engaging way that also satisfies the regulator.

At Baringa, we have a successful track record across the energy and financial services industries in helping companies to optimise their sales performance. From launching new products and channels to developing a way of selling such that every customer feels good about the brand whether or not they buy.


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