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Customer Culture and Service

A strong focus on customer service has enabled many organisations to create long-term, profitable relationships, through brand enhancement, customer loyalty, efficient operations and heightened employee engagement.

When faced with change clients ask us:

  • how can we change the culture to become more customer focused?
  • how can we change the employee behaviour to deliver the right outcomes for customers?
  • how can we embed the new culture into a loop of continuous improvement and innovation?

Developing a customer focused culture needs action and demonstration, not just communication. Forging a new culture is never straightforward – it is difficult to break old habits, both at a corporate and individual level and there are often considerable barriers to change. To get it right, organisations must:

  • have a clear customer vision and journey - we support clients to refine their customer proposition by understanding customers and by making time to interact with them
  • lead by example - we assist CEOs in campaigns which can start with the top: including how they behave, how they are rewarded and incentivised, and how they communicate to the rest of the staff
  • empower staff to do the right thing for the customer - for us this often means loosening up on the command and control culture that has historically been built up within large organisations. Targets must be aligned to customer objectives and policies and processes have to be appropriate for what customer outcomes need to be. Understand why staff haven't spoken up in the past and provide them with a forum to do so. Flip the model – leaders are there to support front line colleagues and staff, not the other way around, and
  • getting everyone in the organisation on the same journey - this will involve a soul-searching process of looking at how past activities have caused problems for customers, and confronting them in an honest and open way.

At Baringa, we continue to work hard on our own culture (see our accolade for Great Places to Work) and we bring these skills and experience to our clients.

Chetan Chhatwal and Lisa Chiba discuss customer trends:




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