Customer Experience

Focusing on the customer

Customer expectations are at an all-time high and many organisations recognise that:

  • great service is a primary differentiator in a crowded market
  • focusing on the customer can lead to increased profits and reduced operating costs, and
  • regulators are more active in ensuring that customers' outcomes are fair and reasonable.

But getting it right seems to be increasingly challenging. Customer expectations, the degree of tailoring required and the range of channels through which customers are served are becoming more complex.

Get it wrong, and it is easy for the customer to broadcast their complaint and regulators have begun to show more bite. Social media such as Facebook and Twitter allow the voice of the customer to be easily heard – and the effect this can have on shareholder value can be substantial, and occasionally harmful.

It is not surprising that organisations are asking one defining question: how should I design my business to be more customer focused?

At Baringa, we have helped many well-known organisations to get to the heart of the very customer issues which foster long-term and profitable relationships.

From designing clear customer strategies, to developing, building and validating changes prior to launching them, we work collaboratively with clients and their customers to:

  • create a customer vision that is understood and championed across the whole business
  • increase customer advocacy as a result of listening to them and implementing new, customer-friendly processes
  • make best use of customer focused technology in order to make change not only scaleable but also repeatable across the whole organisation, and
  • develop a sustainable, customer focused culture which promotes long-term relationships across customer and non-customer facing staff.

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