Business and Organisation Transformation

Talent and Organisation Design

The way in which a business organises its people – and how it attracts talent - will have a critical bearing on how it is viewed by its customers, how responsive it can be and what the bottom line results look like.

Organisations can, over time, become multi layered. There might be unclear lines of reporting and accountability, making it difficult not only to provide a good level of customer service but also to adhere to increasing regulation. Many organisations seek external help to redefine their organisational structures.

To be truly effective, planning a significant change to organisation design of a business requires a number of inputs, including a clearly defined operating model. It also requires the support of a number of factors including governance and decision making, talent management and culture, behaviours and ways of working and systems and processes.

At Baringa, we have worked with major organisations in large-scale change transformation projects using a framework which defines, designs and delivers the organisational change.


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