Business and Organisation Transformation

Post-merger Integration

The rate and pace of mergers and acquisitions shows that business is constantly seeking new ways to achieve competitive advantage and to grow. Once a suitable target has been identified, due diligence has been undertaken and the negotiation has been completed, post-merger integration issues must be identified and resolved – and quickly. These include issues around culture, systems and technologies and, crucially, the structure of its organisation and people:

  • what overlaps exist?
  • where are the synergies?
  • how will the new organisation be shaped?

Each merger is unique and has its own set of requirements, dictated by the vision of the newly formed organisation. Getting to the heart of these by asking the right questions early is a key to success.

At Baringa, our post-merger integration experts provide strategic advice to organisations at a time when they need to manage their brand and reputation, keep customers loyal and maintain an engaged workforce.

We provide merged businesses with a roadmap to integration, advising on a whole range of issues including strategy, post-merger planning, change management and we take a rigorous approach to ensure an enduring business.


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