Business and Organisation Transformation

Operating Model Design

Introducing a new operating model requires extensive business change across people, process and technology. Change teams must first gain buy-in and be able to clearly articulate an answer to the question: ‘Why do we need a new operating model?’

They must scope, prioritise and mobilise their efforts around the right strategic objectives and understand the breadth of activities that are required within an operating model. Often, they will have to resolve long-standing structural issues. Above all, they require bespoke solutions for their operating model design on the basis that their challenges and goals are unique and will not be met through out-of-the box templates.

At Baringa, we can help businesses to get to the heart of their operating model requirements and provide workable, practical plans which will demonstrate:

  • why an organisation would benefit from a new operating model
  • what best practice looks like
  • how a business can join up its operations for optimum effectiveness and efficiency.

Implementing an operating model will help translate business strategy into real action. We can help. For example, we worked with a major UK company to define its business strategy and develop a practical target operating model that both improved the customer experience and reduced operating costs across 20,000 employees.


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