Business and Organisation Transformation

Business Model Design

There are many reasons why a business might change its business model. It might be aiming to enter a new market, or it may be under pressure to improve efficiency and reduce costs. It could also be facing new technologies or be faced with new entrants into the market. It might have made a decision to merge or to divest.

Faced with any of these scenarios, most organisations will look to embark on a large-scale transformation programme which will redefine the way their business operates and is structured. Done well, introducing a new business model will improve competitive advantage, allowing the business to identify not only who their customers are and what its value is – but also ways of delivering that value at the best price. In short, creating a new business model turns strategy into positive action.

Our extensive experience of working with clients in energy and financial services means that we can work with clients to get to the heart of the problem quickly – and add value from day one. And, because we partner with our clients, the end result is that they get a business model which they want, which suits their needs – and which has a long-lasting effect.


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