Business and Organisation Transformation

Powerful forces driving change

Current economic conditions, shifting financial rules and a fluid workforce are all powerful forces that drive change. While there is no single driver that dictates the need for transformation, we are often asked:

  • how can we successfully divest our business?
  • how can we deal with our merger issues?
  • how can we increase sales or enter new markets?
  • how can we break down the barriers which exist across business units?
  • how can we attract the best talent?

At Baringa, we have extensive experience getting to the heart of these transformative issues. With deep industry insight and a collaborative approach to the work we do, we help organisations to make long-lasting change to their businesses.

We can do this because we gain business engagement and buy-in from day one. Our deep insight into the energy and financial services sectors allows us to get to grips quickly with an organisation’s challenges and strengths. And we develop practical strategies to respond to business challenges, working with the organisation to provide pragmatic and workable solutions.


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