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    22 Nov 2016

    A Fractal View of Lean

    Based on his Lean Competency System Level 3 Programme submission, this innovative article by James Lascelles provides an illuminating and thought-provoking perspective on lean using fractal thinking. He argues that the approach has several advantages, such as enabling a more rounded definition of lean, helping engender positive team work and engagement and can lead to more effective implementation at different organisational scales.

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    19 Oct 2016


    The energy industry is transforming. With national commitments to energy decarbonisation, and an increased focus on the security of supply and optimisation of energy costs, the energy value chain is undergoing a fundamental shift.

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  3. 26 Sep 2016

    The BankStore

    Fuelled by innovation, changes in customer behaviour, and the need to reduce operating cost, high street banks are wrestling with their branch networks. They are questioning whether these networks inhibit progress, or provide a point of differentiation from the digital challengers.

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  4. 12 Sep 2016

    Brexit: Impact on the UK Energy Industry

    The UK energy sector is undergoing a period of significant change. Whilst Brexit will have far-reaching consequences, it is unlikely to radically alter the current pathway in the short term. In the medium to longer term, the degree of change will depend on whether the UK remains wholly in the European Internal Energy Market, and whether UK energy policy becomes differentiated.

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  5. 12 Sep 2016

    The future role of network operators: The emerging active DSO model

    Ever since the early days of electric power, which was characterised by small local networks, the trend has been towards greater integration, resulting in the large, centrally-managed transmission networks we see today. Whilst the ownership structures have varied over the years and from country to country (private vs public, vertically integrated vs unbundled), the picture has been one of power flowing, often over large distances, from large scale generators connected to the high voltage grid to consumers connected to the low voltage grid, with a central system operator balancing the generation and consumption in real time. 

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