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    24 May 2017

    "Have you got a girlfriend?"

    As a gay man that had just joined the professional workforce, those five words were terrifying two years ago. Suddenly, I was back in the closet after being out since the age of 14. How had I ended up in there again? 

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    23 May 2017

    Labour’s energy manifesto: back to the future

    Energy features prominently in the Labour party’s 2017 election manifesto. Looking past the headline-grabbing initiatives is a vision for a clean, secure, affordable, and publicly-owned energy system. So how does Labour plan to achieve this?

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  3. 22 May 2017

    What do home renovations, technology and telecoms transformation have in common?

    At the end of last year I bought a flat and like many others embarked on renovating my new home. As with many naïve home owners I thought transforming my home would be simple - all it takes is my builder to start working after I got the planning permission. That was three months ago and I am still nowhere near the start. The reason? I had significantly underestimated the complexity of the build, not factoring access to the site, when drawing up my project plan and assumed the builder could start straight away. Apart from providing a valuable first-time buyer experience, this delay also got me thinking: could telecoms and media technology “renovations” be facing the same issue?

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  4. 19 May 2017

    The Smart metering firmware management headache – five lessons learned for UK energy retailers

    I hate that feeling when my phone beeps to tell me I need to upgrade… I know it’s for the best, making my phone more secure or providing new functionality, but what will break? What settings will change? The same concerns also affect back office teams assessing risk vs reward of deploying smart asset firmware upgrades. 

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  5. 18 May 2017

    PSD II and Open Banking series: Comply today, design for tomorrow

    What if Google offered mortgages? Payments were made through Facebook messenger? Credit cards disappeared?  The opportunities for innovation and, ultimately, improved services for consumers under Open Banking are infinite. The question is, what do you as a financial services provider need to do now to secure your place at the table in the new world?

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