Retail and Customer Service

Customer engagement and managing customer expectation is becoming a core focus in the water industry. The introduction of retail competition for non-household customers is bringing an increasing commercial focus, but companies are looking to develop a great experience for all their customers. Delivering under the service incentive mechanism (SIM), optimising customer contact and billing processes and managing debt efficiently are all areas of focus.

Baringa has invested heavily in developing a team of water industry specialists who are able to support companies through this transition to a more competitive market. We help clients interpret the evolving policy drivers and the resulting regulatory framework. Our consultants work with clients to shape an effective customer experience strategy, drawing on our experience in other utilities as well as the growing customer-centricity of the financial markets.

By offering deep content knowledge and support in these new operating environments, Baringa helps clients to understand their own strengths and weaknesses, and allowing them to form their operational strategies. We draw together the implications of incentives and how they relate to market reform, and support it with more tactical solution design, planning and implementation.

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