Regulation and Price Control

Water regulation, an ageing asset base, increasing population demand, climate change and growing concerns around water availability and scarcity have created an environment where innovation has become critical. Whether it is using advanced risk modelling techniques for water asset optimisation, or developing smart water networks with real-time visibility on asset performance and end-user consumption, the processes behind business planning and asset management are changing fast.

Baringa’s water industry experts have helped clients establish asset management investment strategy teams, supported them with medium-term planning capabilities, and worked with regulation teams to develop 25-year scenarios for economic and operating conditions. We support the development of innovation roadmaps – and benchmark them against industry norms – as well as building forward assumptions into our clients’ regulatory business plans. Our consultants also provide ongoing support to asset optimisation teams on risk and uncertainty, including costs of consequence, programme risks and uncertainty evaluation methods.

Our consultants and programme management teams are supported by experts at industry analysis, industry modelling and long-term forecasting. Uniquely, our strategic, tactical and on-the-ground practical work is supported by numerical models that identify asset risk management opportunities and the impact of market reforms. 

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