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Technology Transformation

Organisations are being continually bombarded with new technology ideas to improve their business. They also face a funnel of complex innovations – smart sourcing, cloud computing, digital channels and the like – that must be aligned to business strategy.

With all this to digest, it is not surprising that IT directors and project managers are looking for a strategic technology programme which will enable them to deliver sustainable change to meet the demands of their customers, their shareholders and also the regulators.

At Baringa, we have become trusted advisors because we act independently of all IT providers. We’re not a company made up solely of strategic consultants, or business consultants or IT consultants, but a blend of all of those, with deep sector knowledge - and a track record for excellence in delivery. That’s why we’ve been able to help some of the biggest energy, commodities and financial services in the world transform their technology programmes. So, when the Trading arm of one of the largest Utilities in the world faced key decisions on how to develop a new business strategy and IT operating model, we were able to furnish them with a comprehensive Technology Transformation plan to meet their needs.

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