End to end visibility, efficiency and control

Supply chain is a growing source of strategic competitive advantage, especially as companies look to manage:

  • challenges around increased global sourcing
  • volatile demand and supply patterns, and
  • the need for lean yet flexible logistics and inventory networks. 

In our utilities, telecoms and energy clients, the supply chain supports field force and maintenance in maximising asset uptime as well as minimising operational cost through the delivery of “right kit, right time, right place, right person”. 

For our commodities, energy and utilities clients, the supply chain is an enabler for “on time to budget” capital project delivery.  Within commodities and energy, the integration between trading and shipping is key to profitable trading and timely delivery of bulk commodities. 

Throughout all sectors, the supply chain is a source of synergy in merger and acquisition activity. New digital technology aligned with ERP is transforming the traditional supply chain model.

Typically, organisations look at supply chain improvements to:

  • reduce cost and working capital
  • increase asset uptime and operational efficiency
  • improve service reliability and on time delivery assurance
  • deliver improvements in health, safety and compliance, and
  • support environmentally sustainable operations.

At Baringa, we have a team of expert consultants across all areas of the supply chain including:

  • sourcing and procurement
  • supply chain planning
  • logistics inventory and warehousing
  • materials management, and
  • end to end suite of supply chain technologies. 

We have an excellent track record of working with our clients in the Utilities, Commodities and Energy sectors to help transform their supply chain to deliver valuable, tangible and sustainable benefits.

Our offerings include: 

  • sourcing and procurement transformation
  • field force and smart meter supply chain
  • integrated demand and supply planning
  • capital projects supply chain, and
  • digital supply chain and IT strategy
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